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'Freedom From Anxiety' is the eBook I needed in the moments I felt most anxious. It is the guide that I spent hours looking for in my loneliest moments. It is the supportive voice I needed at midnight after waking with worry, or in the moments after a panic attack when I felt overwhelmed and depleted.


Read this guide all at once if you wish. Or dip into each gradually, absorbing each message or exercise at your own pace. Consider these chapters as good friends who understand exactly where you're coming from. Take your time!


Every copy sold of 'Freedom From Anxiety' will directly fund the free mentoring sessions that Living Liberté offers to relationship abuse survivors. By buying your copy, you provide both yourself and another person with the tools we all need to improve our wellbeing and build healthier, happier relationships.


Questions? Feedback? Drop me a line : 


With Love & Freedom,


- Helen xx


Living Liberté eBooks are not intended to replace the important role of professional medical or legal guidance.

'Freedom From Anxiety' eBook

  • ePub (suitable for all digital devices) 

    If you need tech support or a PDF version, please get in touch.

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