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 living liberté 

 freedom from relationship abuse 

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"Is it normal when..."

I can tell you.


I can answer that search engine question for you. 

I've been where you are.

I spent a long time Googling "is it normal when he does..." or "is it normal when he says...".


I was seeking answers in places that didn't have the answers..

I was trapped in an abusive, unhealthy relationship. Beyond my eventual escape I fell into another one, while I sought those answers.

I had no answers back then. But I share them with you now.

Unsure if it's abusive? Unsure if that argument you had was normal, or if it's one to be worried about? 

I'm here to help you find the answers.

meet the founder.

From my teens to twenties I was involved in an abusive relationship. I was emotionally abused, financially controlled, strongly coerced and physically harmed also.

Eventually, I broke free. I pressed charges, built another life, and did what I thought were the 'right' things to move on.

I went on to tour the world as a professional dancer. My life became highly successful in many ways. I lived my 'dream life'. But underneath, I was lost.

I experienced acute anxiety and a lingering case of PTSD, which manifested in an eating disorder. Then, as is common with unhealed trauma, I fell deeply into a second abusive relationship.

It was only when I came to breaking point that I worked through my experiences enough to learn how to prevent future abuse.


In doing so, I found my freedom. I found #liberté. 

I now travel all over the world researching healthy love, and sharing my findings in my social enterprise work.


Living Liberté exists to share lessons in healthy love - lessons we all need.

With love and freedom, 

Helen Victoria

survivor  &  director

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Questions to ask yourself.

"In the past week..."

...have you been made to feel guilty for something that wasn't your fault?

...have you felt like you can't explain your relationship to the people close to you?

...has your relationship made you feel on top of the world one moment and drained of energy the next? 


...have you felt like you aren't being yourself, or that you need to act differently to keep the peace?

...have you regularly felt unhappy, or felt as if you can't pick yourself up in how you're feeling?


Living Liberté

Living Liberté is a social enterprise tackling Britain’s relationship abuse from a preventative perspective. 


Living Liberté provides school workshops, online resources and free mentoring to educate young people about what a healthy relationship looks like.


The workshops and resources shared by Living Liberté aim to inform young people of the red flags of abuse along with how to go about forming healthy, happy relationships.


A domestic violence survivor herself, Helen Victoria is the proud founder of the relationship education enterprise Living Liberté. Helen is also a freelance writer, specialising in relationship health.

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